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Audit & Identity Theft

Audit & Identity Theft Protection

Big changes are in the works for the Internal Revenue Service, including a significant increase in funding and plans to hire some 87,000 new IRS agents! If approved, there's no doubt that the number of audits, letters and notices will increase.

If the thought of an IRS audit isn't terrifying enough, did you know that tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your stolen personal information, including your social security number, to file a tax return claiming a fraudulent refund? This form of identity theft continues to be a very big problem and you often don't even know you’re a victim until you’re notified by the IRS about a problem with your return. Click here to learn more about tax-related identity theft.


In the event of tax-related identity theft, proper documentation should be submitted to the IRS immediately, and if you're tax return is selected for examination by the IRS and you choose to have a professional represent you, the cost could easily exceed $1,000.00.


Ready for some good news, Rx Advisors is now offering affordable audit & identity theft protection exclusively to our clients for a modest surcharge to your income tax preparation fee. This service will support you if the IRS, state or local tax authority audits your tax return or if you are a victim of tax-related identity theft.


In the event of tax-related identity theft, we will handle the paperwork with the IRS and provide you with sound guidance along the way.


In the event that your individual income tax return is selected for examination by the IRS, we will represent you in those exams concerning individual income tax returns and/or tax forms prepared by our firm, to the extent we are allowed by our professional designations. This includes tax notice correspondence from the IRS, the state and local taxing agencies. You will remain responsible for any additional tax, penalties and/or interest that may be assessed by taxing authorities.


To subscribe to our audit & identity theft protection, simply pay the surcharge protection fee included with our invoice for preparing your tax return. To "opt-out" of this service, simply notify us upon receipt of your invoice. Without the coverage you will be subject to our standard hourly rates for responding to tax notices and audits with a minimum fee of $150.00.


Coverage Limitations:


• Does not include taxpayer representation at the Appeals and Tax Court levels.


• Identity Theft Protection is limited to your identity being compromised with the IRS. Identity Theft Protection does not include monitoring your credit card, bank and other financial accounts or any other monitoring and preventive services commonly provided by protection companies such as LifeLock.

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